Window Screens - Griffin Guard

You want to keep burglary and vandalism out, but you want to let light and air in. The solution is clear.
Our ferretic stainless steel mesh window screens look like tinted glass from a distance.

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Close up, a would-be intruder can see the strength of their steel mesh construction which carries a level 1 LPCB security rating.

From the interior of the building, Griffin Guard lets in 60% of available light and allows visibility and airflow. This unobtrusive, multi-purpose window security system works brilliantly on all counts.

Made To Order

Griffin Guard bespoke designs fit any window and offer minimal visual impact. All fixings are concealed within frames which can be polyester powder coated to match your existing window frames.

Cost Effective

Griffin Guard’s stainless steel mesh construction provides powerful security protection. This cost effective solution often pays for itself in reduced glass replacement costs and accompanying reduction in insurance premiums.

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